Summer Clean-Out

Who doesn’t love a cleaned out house for summer? It’s always such a good feeling to get organized, get rid of things that are just taking up space in your home and feel accomplished by making your home more functional for day to day life so you don’t have to think about it – and you can enjoy more time with your family doing FUN stuff!

If you feel like you don’t know where to even begin, that’s where Stephanie Sikora with Life Made Simple comes in. She is a professional organizer – aka – your personal clean out and organize your ‘ish gal!

I worked with her to simplify & re-organize my linen closet – which had become the drop all/stuff all spot in our home. It was full of mix-matched bins and not as functional as I knew it could be. So we tackled it together and I’m obsessed with how it turned out.


I did most of the shopping for the baskets, bins & drawer systems used to re-organize everything at The Container Store. And we kept some of the items I already had, like my clear turntables for cleaning products. Stephanie suggested this awesome door organizer pictured just below – which I LOVE! This thing is a game-changer! I love how versatile it is. I want to get one for every closet in the house now. You can purchase a ton of different configurations for this over-the-door organizer – so I picked what I thought would be the most functional with a few small bins, a big bin and then hooks to hang bags that I grab for often.




She also found this super cute nail caddy for me, which I’ve been loving ever since. It’s so handy to grab it whenever I’m going to do nails for Avalon & me. And it looks nice and organized when stored in the closet.

Stephanie is a label pro! She created beautiful labels for everything – and I have to say, that makes all the difference in the world and takes this closet to next level prettiness. I love it! The gold label holders are from The Container Store – my happy place! haha


To tackle the project, Stephanie came over and we took everything out of the closet, she organized products into categories, helped me say good-bye to stuff I didn’t need and talked through how often I used certain things to ensure they would be the most easily accessible items in the closet. And then she went to work putting everything back together in the baskets & bins I had shopped for. We had to make some adjustments – return some items I wasn’t digging, and buy more of other items, but in the end – it was worth the wait and I love how uniform and functional this space has become.


Stephanie surrounded by all this stuff & working hard organizing this mess – always has to get more messy before it gets organized. 


I’m so happy with how functional this space is now! And I love how everything has a designated space, yet there is still flexibility for updates and changes as time goes on. And I really love how uniform and cohesive the closet looks now. No stress when I open this door anymore!

Next, I’ll go into a little detail how things were categorized & organized.



The over-the-door organizer has most of my beauty product backstock, an on-the-go first aid kit I can easily grab when Avalon get’s an owie and needs a bandaid and some other kids medicine/thermometer that I can easily grab. The hooks at the bottom are AWESOME! I plan to switch out my most carried bags for each season and keep them here. Currently for summer, I have my backpack I use for going to the zoo, my fave summer tote and I also stored some other smaller summer handbags inside the tote to maximize storage space.




The top shelf has 3 medium baskets – one for hair stuff I don’t use every day, one for some makeup kit supplies (for when I do makeup gigs), and the last basket is for misc. (currently empty, but I’m sure it will eventually be put to use eventually for stuff that might not have a place elsewhere. These are all things that I don’t need to access on a regular daily basis.

The next shelf is cleaning supplies for the upstairs – up and out of reach for tiny humans. I love these turn tables – I have two underneath my kitchen sink as well. It’s so nice to be able to access products without having to dig to the back of the shelf – just a spin and you can easily find what you need. I also bought the under shelf basket for cleaning rags to store right by the cleaning products. And last on this shelf is a basket for some therapy products – like tennis balls for rolling, heating pad, etc. and some adult medicines we keep on-hand.

I also have my little hand swiffer duster on a command hook next to this shelf – another genius idea by Stephanie!



I really appreciate drawer systems because for some smaller things, it’s nice to be able to just open a drawer instead of pull down a basket and search for something. So I have some clear acrylic drawers on the left for makeup backstock items, facial masks and other smaller beauty items. The white drawers in the center are for my travel size mini’s that I keep on hand to grab for trips, and some dental items. I am currently doing invisalign so I keep my future aligners here, retainer cleaner, backstock of floss and toothpaste and extra toothbrush heads here.

Then my nail caddy is here and the iron is also stored here in the corner.



The next shelf has 3 medium baskets – one for our master bedroom linens, cotton products (like backstock of TP, facial cotton, q-tips, etc.) and then our extra towels. We actually store our master bathroom towels in our bathroom and I store the girl’s towels in their bathroom as well, so we don’t have many extra towels to store here.

Next shelf has two oversized angled bins for travel bags, handbags, etc. I love these and plan to purchase more for my master bedroom closet too.

And on the floor are 2 larger baskets for beach towels. These are currently on the floor level because we will be using them frequently all summer, but I do plan to move them to the top shelf for fall/winter/spring since we won’t be accessing them much and then move the baskets on the top shelf to the bottom.

I love that I can make adjustments like this throughout the year – yet the closet will still have a clean and uniform look when I open the door. These baskets are great!


Baskets // Turntables // White Drawers // Nail Caddy // Angled Linen Bins // Over-the-Door Organizer // Gold Label Holders

Now for the special deal for my followers – if you’d love to accomplish organizing a specific space in your home, reach out to Stephanie to book an appointment – if you book a future appointment with her within the next two weeks (book by June 12, actual appointment doesn’t need to be by this date), you’ll get 10% off! Book HERE!

I also have another bonus for you all courtesy of Stephanie – a FREE downloadable closet organization guide – click HERE to get started on getting any closet in your home organized.

And last, she is also an author (so cool, right?) and you can buy a copy of her book on Amazon HERE.

Happy organizing!







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