5 Ways to Feel More Confident in a Bathing Suit

Ladies, it’s that time of year where we are seemingly expected to look amazing in a bathing suit, like we’ve been working on a summer body all winter long. Like we should have perfectly tanned skin, have had laser hair removal in all the right places and toned up like we haven’t eaten a carb in a year and did pilates 8 days a week. haha And it seems to be that same expectation even if you had a baby this winter! So I’m here to remind you – THIS. IS. A. MYTH! You are beautiful just the way you are and you deserve to feel good in a bathing suit no matter what.

I hesitated to post this so many times this morning because my own insecurities crept in as I put the photos together to drop in here, but this isn’t about me. I had to remind myself of that. This is about all of you and finding your self confidence – even in a bathing suit when you might not feel your best, which I can relate to 100%.


Here are 5 ways to feel more confident when you put that suit on to head to the beach or pool this summer.

1 // Tell yourself how fabulous you are!

Remind yourself about what your body does for you. Like for me, I remind myself that I carried and breastfed (and currently breastfeeding) 2 babies. I’m able to lift and swing these adorable babies around, and run & play with them. I’m able to go to my Rush Cycle classes and my Lagree classes, able to sweat, able to stretch, get sore and do it again. I may not be the NPC bikini competitor I used to be – but my body is still strong and capable and on a brand new fitness journey with goals that are different than what they used to be several years ago. So find the things about your body that make you feel lucky to have what you have.


2 // Pick out some fun accessories 

Stepping up your style game when wearing a bathing suit can help make you feel a bit more glam and boost that confidence. Whether it’s a super cute beach bag, new anklet, layered necklaces or sarong, styling your whole look makes you feel pulled together, which makes you feel positive about how you look, no matter what.



3 // Glam it up (kinda)

So, it’s not fun to do full hair & makeup for a pool or beach day, but doing a little glam definitely does help you feel more confident. Maybe it’s doing some self care the night before by exfoliating & moisturizing really well so you’re feeling super sexy. Or just investing a few minutes to blend some tinted SPF and bronzer onto your face, do those brows and apply some mascara and a pop of color on your lips for a quick glammed up look for the pool. And I guarantee you’ll feel better about being in that swimsuit.


4 // Self-Tan

This should actually be #2 – behind telling yourself how fabulous you are. Because for real, a tan is the ultimate self boosting confidence builder. I literally have self-tanner in stock at home at all times. If I need to feel more confident any time of year, apply self tanner. When in doubt, apply self tanner. It is my secret to feeling my very best – even when I don’t. I feel like I’m instantly trimmer after a self-tan. So find your favorite one and practice applying it if you don’t have much experience doing so yet, and you’ll be a pro before you know it. And you can self-tan all summer long! Linked a few fave self tanners here.

5 // Stand tall & proud

Take a deep breath, put on that suit and stand tall and proud! One…because good posture does wonders for your psyche…AND for your body. (google it if you don’t believe me) And two…because you should be proud of yourself for who you are. You are a BA woman who should feel amazing in a bathing suit because you are beautiful.


How do you stay confident this time of year?



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