5 Reasons why getting older is amazing

Ya know? Getting older has a bad rap, but as the years speed by (in what seems like fast-forward lately) I’ve realized there are some pretty BA reasons why getting older is so amazing. I was reflecting on this while preparing to attend my 20 year high school reunion! I seriously can’t believe it’s been 20 years! I know what you’re thinking, there is no way I could possibly be old enough to be out of high school for 20 years! haha Just kidding! But for real, I figured I can’t be the only woman needing to hear a few little reminders to remember that getting older has some major perks! But don’t forget to use that vitamin C & Retinol – because even though getting older has it’s perks, we don’t need to show our age! Right?



Similar Suit // Heels // Bralette // Staud Dupe Bag

Before we get into the 5 reasons why getting older is amazing, can we just chat about this white suit for a sec? I had trouble committing to an outfit for my 20 year high school reunion, and this was the winner…and I am obsessed. Such a fun statement wearing all white and these shoes are SO stylish & trendy (and on sale right now)! I wanted to feel a bit sexy since it was a kid-free night with my hubby & wear something I wouldn’t normally wear when I’m in mom-mode. I love an occasion to get all dressed up for!







5 Reason Why Getting Older is Amazing

1 // Earlier bedtimes are life!

Staying in is the new going out, right? No pressure to go out, socialize, be seen at the hot spots and just enjoying some Netflix and wine at home is about the best thing ever now. Sure, I love going out every once in awhile! But now, it’s less frequent and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love cozying up at home – and would almost call myself a homebody these days…which might come as a shock to those who know me well.

2 // Moving less frequently is also life

Moving is THE worst! I am pretty sure we can all agree on that. As you get older, settling in and finding a home for longer than 1 year is such a good feeling. Remember the days of moving constantly because your lease was up and rent was being increased to an ungodly amount of money? Getting older means being able to find a home, decorate it how you want to and finding stability in where you go home each night – such a good feeling.

3 // Being less reactive makes for happier days

Learning that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing is a lesson that comes with age. In some situations, it’s best to let it be….do nothing. I think being less reactive is actually a result of just realizing what truly matters in life – and sometimes just asking yourself, “will this matter a year from now?” Being more in control of your emotions as you get older is something that is makes life just go a little smoother.

4 // You’re more comfortable in your own skin

This has actually amazed me that this has happened in my life – TBH, I’ve always been a pretty insecure person about my body, my looks, my smile, you name it. So to finally have some sense of peace in this department feels very foreign to me. I am currently post-partum & working on getting in better shape for the sake of being healthy and not necessarily to look a certain way. I am where I am, and I’m giving myself permission to be right there and that feels so good. My body has done amazing things – carried the loves of my life and so the fact that it doesn’t look like it used to is OKAY! And my scars and imperfections now just have become part of my story. But this is probably once of the best parts of growing older – just to feel at peace in my own skin comes more naturally at this age…and I’m so thankful for that.

5 // You see through BS

It’s a lot easier to see when someone is BS’ing you when you’re older. Why is that? Maybe because you’ve seen enough in your day and now you know exactly how to spot it and you see it from a mile away. How nice is that?

So whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s – ladies, getting older is actually pretty amazing! So embrace your age no matter where you are! What are some things you’ve enjoyed about getting older? Please share! 🙂




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