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Fashion affects everyone! Even if you don’t think you’re into fashion, you still decide what clothes to wear every single day and how you present yourself to the world. Right? Whether you dress for style, or comfort, or BOTH…you have to make a conscious decision of what to wear every day.

I LOVE the scene in Devil Wears Prada about the cerulean sweater (I linked it here if you care to watch Miranda drop some knowledge on her intern)…but more so, I love that fashion IS something that affects everyone. We all have the freedom to express whomever we want to be through our fashion choices, whether we like it or not.

Today, I want to to talk about how to dress for you! And finding your assets that you want to play up and focus on. Sometimes it’s so easy to let the clothes wear you. You pick things that are on-trend for the sake of being fashion forward, but maybe they don’t play up your best features. Because we are all made BEAUTIFULLY differently with different body types, different shapes and different curves – something that looks amazing on one woman, might not look so great on another. So, I’ve put together some tips to help you hone in on maximizing your fashion impact!


Top // Purse // Jeans

I bought this top in store at Target & can’t find it online, it’s Universal Thread so look at your local Target for the exact one, but I linked a similar option as well. Purse linked is also a similar version to this Sole Society one from last season. 

1 // Finding pieces that work for you

Do me a favor, think of your very favorite outfit. The outfit that you would want to have on in the case that you run into someone who is really important to you. What is it that you like about this outfit?  My guess is that #1 – it fits you really well like it was made for you, no constant adjusting, no sucking in necessary, just hugs your body perfectly. Right? And #2 – it probably hides the things you want to downplay and it probably highlights your best features. Right? And #3 – it probably makes you feel confident.

So take these 3 things and think of them every time you try something on when shopping for new pieces. Does it fit you? If not, do you have a good tailor that can make it fit you (without going above your budget). Does it play up your best feature? Does it make you feel confident? If the answer is YES to all 3 of these questions, get it! Get it in every color!

It’s smart to invest in pieces that fit you well – and when you find something you really like, get it in all the colors you think you would wear…because guaranteed you will always grab for pieces that meet these standards for yourself over pieces that make you feel less than. And it’s a good thing to find what works and stick with it – it is not boring! It’s smart!


2 // Learn to layer well

Layers do WONDERS for style, shape and add dimension and thought to every outfit. A 3rd piece always takes it to the next level. If you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt, add a kimono and voila – you have that much more style! Simple as that…layers can be so helpful in so many ways – so learn to use them to your advantage and for all seasons!


3 // Discovering the beautiful parts of you

We all do it – we have a closet full of clothes and we feel like we have NOTHING to wear. Why is that? I’m pretty sure every single woman can relate to this. Sometimes when we look in the mirror we focus on all the negative things we want to change about ourselves. I am guilty! Like – “this would look so much better on me if my legs were skinnier, or if my waist was trimmer, etc., etc.”  And when we are in that mindset, ANYTHING we put on our body is going fail in our own eyes. We aren’t going to see the good.

I want to challenge you to treat yourself how you’d want someone to treat your daughter, sister or mom. There are very beautiful things about ALL OF YOU that you just need to learn to appreciate, focus on & hone in on. They say the most confident people still have insecurities, they just choose to focus on what they CAN do instead of what they CAN’T and they show that to the world. So take that same approach and show the world what looks GOOD on you, not what doesn’t. They don’t need to know that you tried on some dad sneakers and literally looked like a dad, or that you tried on a trendy oversized sweater, but looked like you were wearing a potato sack, or tried the overall trend, but legit looked like a farmer. They don’t need to know!!!


So – in order to help you hone in on the things that are beautiful about you, I want you to do this little exercise. Ask a friend, your husband, sibling or someone close to you to describe a specific time when they felt like you were really confident and stood out as being comfortable in your own skin – and it should be as recent as possible. Now, try to think back to what were you wearing at that moment in time. Did what you wore help you feel that way? Even if for the fact that you didn’t have to worry about your outfit so, in turn, you felt more confident. Whatever you were wearing, write down the things about that outfit that you loved – and then try to duplicate that in everything you choose to wear! And before you know it, you’ll never be complaining that you have nothing to wear because you will have honed in on what items make you feel your best and have a closet full of just that! You’ll be able to quickly just get dressed and go for the day so you can focus on conquering all the things!!!

Now….I want you to share with me…describe your very favorite outfit and why you love it! And I hope we can learn to duplicate that so you feel your very best every damn day!


PS ~ I’m so happy to see that flare jeans are coming back into style…love them!




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