The Hair Hustle – Part 1

I am so excited for this series of posts all dedicated to haircare! Every post will be all about a specific hair type, because there is definitely not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to all the different hair types that exist.

So listen up – if you have curly 3c, corkscrew hair – this post is for YOU! And features one of my very best friends, Celina!

I first want to give you some background on my beautiful friend. Go follow her – @celinanighten – she is a triple threat living out her dreams of dancing, singing and acting in the traveling broadway show, Aladdin. And if you have not seen this show and it’s coming to your city – GO! It is SO magical.


She has BEAUTIFUL hair! Right?!! And I wanted to get all her haircare secrets out of her so here are the questions I asked along with her wisdom.

How would you describe your hair type? 

Curly c3, corkscrew

How often do you wash?

2x a week

What are your CANNOT live without products you constantly make sure to have on-hand?

Aunt Jackies Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelee

Redken All Soft Shampoo

Redken All Soft Conditioner

Redken All Soft Mega Conditioner


What is the one thing you’ve done that has transformed the health of your hair? 

Honestly…left is ALONE! I used to color it, straighten it, relax it, put extensions in…and finally I said enough. Every since then it’s thriving!

Anything else you want to mention that you think people with your hair type need to hear/or a common mistake people with your hair type make. 

I’ve made every mistake you could absolutely make! Until you learn how to love the hair you’ve been given, you’ll never be happy. It’s not like you can’t experiment and straighten it, wear wigs & extensions, head wraps or weaves, etc. But work with what you’ve got BABY!

Thanks Celina for sharing all your haircare wisdom with all of us!

I personally LOVE Celina’s advice because it aims to get deeper with yourself and accept the hair you’ve been given. We can take that advice about anything we struggle with regarding our appearance, right? There is only one you and that is your superpower. It’s so freeing to accept what you’ve been given and make it a positive instead of something you feeling like you’re fighting every day. So I hope this has given you the inspiration to let your curly hair shine in all it’s full beauty! And if you have any further specific questions, comment below! And we will be sure to respond!

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