3 Ways to Get Inspired

Sometimes you’re just not feeling it, right? Inspired can be a hard space to consistently live in. So it’s normal to get in a rut of not feeling inspired. And it’s perfectly fine to accept that these non-inspired periods are going to come and go – I promise they won’t last forever! But luckily, today’s post has 3 simple & easy things you can do right away to spark some inspiration and creativity in your life – no matter what you do for a living or what kind of project you’re working on.

1 // Get outside

Taking a breather and getting outside does amazing things for the mind. And I’m not talking about taking your phone with you on a walk and browsing social media while being outside. I’m talking about a tech free stroll in nature – step away from everything for just 5 – 10 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever you need to. Don’t let your mind focus too much on anything specific on this walk, except for just your breathing and taking in some nature. It’s a perfect way to re-set.


Dress // Belt // Boots 

I love this dress – I bought it on a whim and now I’m so glad it’s in my closet. It is a go-to because you can dress it down or up….perfect for fall, on trend with the animal print, yet kinda a fun option because of it’s unconventional color for being an animal print. And under $40! It makes me feel fun & creative. 

2 // Listen to a podcast

Getting new perspective, listening to someone else’s story & learning something are all things that you can gain from listening to a podcast – which in turn can inspire you and broaden your horizons so that you have that breakthrough you’re looking for. My fave podcast right now is Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger! I’m obsessed!


3 // Get creative in a new way

Pick up one of those adult coloring books, paint a blank canvas, mess around on an instrument, do something else that sparks some creativity and lets your mind wander. And before you know it, you’ll likely get inspired in new ways.


Tell me – which one are you going to start with?

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