The Hair Hustle – Part 3

You all are LOVING this haircare series – which makes my heart so happy! I love being a go-to beauty resource for all women – with all different hair types so it was fun to be able to interview some of my closest friends with very different hair than myself – so I could bring a little something for everyone to this series. Please comment on and like the posts if you want to see more series just like this.

If you missed the first two – click HERE for Part 1, and HERE for Part 2.

Next up are more curly hair tips! So if you have some waves you’ve been trying to maintain, keep reading.

Beira (pronounced commonly as Beta unless you can perfectly roll your R’s and pronounce it like you’re straight outta Puerto Rico). I am so jealous of people who can roll their R’s – teach me your ways!

Anyways, Beira is a dear friend of mine who is killing it in her career as a majorly important corporate events manager. She is busy, travels ALL. THE. TIME. and has managed to completely transform her hair into a healthy mane in the years since I first met her.


Let’s get into it!

How would you describe your hair type? 

I have curly hair that’s not too thick and not too delicate. About a 3a.

How often do you wash? 

Because I work from home, I try to wash my hair 1 – 2 times a week if I straighten my hair to help it last. If I wear my hair curly, I probably wash my hair 3 – 4 times a week.

What are your CANNOT live without products you constantly make sure to have on-hand? 

The products are different based on how I’m planning to wear my hair. So here is my run down based on how I’m going to style.

If I let my natural curls live their best life – this is what I need:

I love the DevaCurl no poo shampoo and DevaCurl one condition conditioner – it really helps moisturize my curls.

I use the DevaCurl DevaTowel – it helps to dry my curls while enhancing my curl shape instead of causing frizz.

The Garnier Fructis Strong Hold Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel after I use the Deva Curl Towel and scrunch it thoughout my hair.

Kerastase Oleo Curl – I then apply this after the gel to help hold my curls and keep them soft.

When I straighten my hair, these are the products I must have:

Kerastase Keratine Termique Blow Dry Primer – I use this every time before I blow dry my hair.

Hair Turban – I got this in my Box of Style a couple years ago and love it! It definitely helps my hair have less frizz.

Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Shampoo – love this stuff!

Kerastase Maskeratine Hair Mask – I am OBSESSED with this I always leave this in for 10 minutes to help moisturize my hair and helps control frizz. Now that I live in a humid state, this really helps.

Clean Freak Tinted Dry Shampoo – I use medium and I use this to help me maintain my blow out for the entire week. Plus this stuff is so affordable.

I’m also loyal to my splurge item – the Dyson Air Wrap – which is the blow dryer and curling iron combo and I am again, obsessed! It is reduced heat damage – which has truly allowed me to grow my hair longer and stronger. I have a lot less damage since using this.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo – When my scalp is feeling dry, I always use this and it helps get rid of any build up I have.

What is the one thing you’ve done that has transformed the health of your hair?

Honestly, finding a stylist that won’t fry your hair and create the color you want without all the extra damage. And just knowing that you might need more products to maintain your hair health has made all the difference in the world.

Anything else you want to mention that you think people with your hair type need to hear/or a common mistake people with your hair type make. 

Moisturize your hair as much as possible. Curly hair tends to dry out and the more you moisturize, the more defined your curls will be without the frizz. And not washing every day – since that strips the hair of the natural oils it needs to define curls.

Beira! This is SO much info – thank you for helping everyone with your same hair type with a few expert tips! You are the best.

I’m so excited to keep this going – one more coming at you soon!

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For Letting Those Curls Be NATURAL

For When You Want To STRAIGHTEN

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  1. 9.27.19
    Tammy Longenecker said:

    I just started using the DEVA towel … It is AMAZING for curly hair!!!

    • 9.27.19
      sarahk said:

      That’s amazing!!! I am going to recommend it to everyone I know who has curly hair now! 😉

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