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If you’re a mom, friends with a mom, married to a mom, have a sister who is a mom….you get the point – but basically everyone should know about this awesome play-kit subscription service that I discovered! I WISH I knew about Lovevery with my firstborn – but I didn’t hear about them until London, my second baby girl, was already 9 months old. I actually don’t even remember how I found them, but I stumbled across this brand and decided to give it a try. Seemed super convenient to get age-appropriate toys shipped to my door exactly when I needed them at an affordable price – so I signed up. And I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised and impressed with everything!


Being a mom is hard! Right? Motherhood can be overwhelming in all phases, and newer moms — you’ve probably spent a lot of time googling what games to be playing and which toys you should be using to encourage your little one in their mental and physical development in those early days, weeks and years. The play kits with Lovevery takes ALL the guesswork and time spent researching out of the equation for you and makes it SUPER fun and better yet…CONVENIENT!

I feel like this is the perfect service (or gift…hint hint) for any busy mom – which is all of us, right? haha  The company does a great job of guiding you through fun play with your little pride & joy. They call it “Playtime with Purpose” – which is spot on. I love how the toys encourage brain development and skill building that are relevant and key to your baby’s growth. The play kits have been perfectly curated by experts on childhood development, psychologists, occupational therapists and educators.

I wanted to try this service for several months before sharing on my blog, so that’s what I’ve done to make sure it’s something I’d want to share with you all. I love how high quality the toys have been, London truly grabs for these toys over other ones, which is why I wish I would have know about this sooner! These toys are made to last – hence, would be great hand-me-downs for more babies.

I remember spending hours and hours googling, Pinteresting, reading blogs and asking other moms for toy recommendations with my first baby, Avalon – I spent a lot of time researching what toys to get for her to maximize her brain development and also learning about what skills she should be mastering at what age. And that’s literally been packaged up & put together with a pretty bow on it with Lovevery!




I love how these little books come with each kit and first tell you about milestones to be on the look-out for along with suggestions of different ways to use the toys. A lot of the toys are mutli-functional – so that’s a plus too. They even send bath toys – which is awesome!

I honestly always look forward to getting our next play kit to see what we will get and learn more about where London should be developmentally. I know she’s my second so I should remember, but it’s amazing how fast you forget what these little humans should be doing at what age when you’re no longer in that phase of life with your older one anymore. So this has been so fun for us – and Avalon actually plays with all these toys too! It’s so funny how she’s been gravitating to everything we get in these boxes – and she’s 3 and a half…almost 4!




Happy playing! I hope you love your Lovevery playkits as much as we do!

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This post contains affiliate links. I’m a regular, paying subscriber to my Lovevery play kits just like you – but I am honored to also include them as an affiliate on my blog. 

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