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I have been getting asked about self tanners a lot lately – so good thing I’ve been putting some new ones to the test – and I’ve rounded up my faves in this post.

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to self tanning imo, there are so many great options out there these days and different ones based on why you’re seeking a self-tanner…so I’ll get more into that below.

I do want to mention that I tend to only try and recommend products that have cleaner ingredients. There may be some really awesome ones that are cheap or at the drugstore, or even ones that work super great from Sephora or Nordy – but if they don’t meet my standards of being something I’m comfortable putting on my skin on a regular basis – then you won’t find them on this list.


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The Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse has been my go-to for a spray tanned look for several years now. I keep going back to it after trying others because it’s just THE BEST! It’s very easy to use because it has immediate color so you can see where you are applying it, it’s easy to blend in with a brush or a mitt since it’s a light foam. And it lasts several days. I love this stuff so much – it has become a staple in my tanning product collection and I ALWAYS have one on hand. And at only $34.95 – it’s a steal! So much more affordable than going to get a spray tan – but with identical results. I used to be the spray tan queen…but now I just use this. The shipping is SUPER fast on this stuff, which is awesome too. I use the color Medium and I feel like it’s plenty dark – it gives an amazing olive color and people compliment me all the time when this is on. Sometimes I go with the dark color, but that gets me pretty dang dark – so the medium has been my color of choice lately. I usually shower and exfoliate at night and then apply this the night before I want to be tan. So if you need it to “set” quicker than that – then try their 2 hour express mousse.


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You guys! This product is officially going to always be stocked in my bathroom! Tan-Luxe The Gradual is AAHHHHHHHMAZZING!!!! I am shocked at how beautiful the gradual color is from this product. I like to have color all winter long, but not like a spray tan color – just a nice, natural looking color – and this will be the product doing that for me all season! It is super moisturizing, very easy to blend in and really just gives you enough color so you don’t feel so incredibly pale. I am SO pale you guys, I really don’t think people know how pale I actually am – and it’s because I’m constantly using a tanning product. ALL. THE. TIME! And this is for sure my new fave.

So for example, leading up to my girls trip in Vegas, I used this daily for a week and then did my loving tan the night before I left to take it up a notch….and it was PERFECT! I am obsessed.


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I used this last summer when I needed a spray tan but was planning to wear all white and dance the night away  – and if you’re a self-tanner user, you know that sweat can make the tanner transfer to clothes and then possibly stain it if you don’t treat it right away. So…I tried this and it did NOT transfer at all. Tan-Luxe The Water is SO GOOD you guys! It does not stain anything or transfer to clothing, sheets, etc. at all. The color that develops from this tanning product is also just perfect. So perfect!!! I will just say that this might be a product for more experienced self tanners….just because you cannot see where it’s going on and how you’re blending it — so if you are used to applying tanners and know where you usually need to blend more or where to go light or heavier – then this will certainly work well for you.  OR if you just need color in certain areas and don’t necessarily need color everywhere to be perfectly blended – go for this. It really is amazing and I’m super impressed with this one.


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SMELLS SO YUMMY! I absolutely LOVE this self tanner! It creates such a nice glow, and it’s probably the cleanest product on this list. The DHA in this one is derived from sugar beets – Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow is a cult fave and I’m not surprised why. It is so moisturizing and blends in oh so nicely. I can’t say enough good things about this one. You get free shipping with a $45 dollar purchase – so I always add in one of their lip balms to my order. I feel like this one is easy to work with because it’s not a super dark color right away, almost like a buildable product….but I will say – it is not colored so you can’t see where you are applying it – but that’s something to just be aware of, not something that should prevent you from giving this one a try. But like I said, it’s easy to blend in and looks so nice and natural.


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Tan-Luxe is basically an amazing line and I’ve pretty much loved everything I’ve tried by them…and these face tanning drops are no exception. Tax-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self Tan Drops are so easy to add to your nightly cream and boom – wake up to a perfect glow. Seriously! So good! All you need is 2 – 3 drops for your whole face & neck – so this lasts a long time. Love how easy this is to use and the color is really nice.

So there you have it! My faves right now – if you have any specific self tanning questions, feel free to send me a message and I’d love to help you out. The thing about self tanners that’s key is to blend and use proper application tools – like a mitt and a kabuki brush. The brush is especially important for hands/feet – but I really love using one for practically everywhere. So make sure you also invest in these accessories and you’ll be on your way to having a little color all year round.

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