Holiday Teacher Gift Guide

According to Consumer Reports from 2018, the median value for a teachers gift was $20 with 57% of people doing the gift giving. And while teacher gifts are certainly not required or necessary, it’s still considered a really nice gesture to thank the person who spends a good chunk of time with your child.


1 // Target Giftcard

Everyone can find something at Target! Whether it goes towards groceries, self-care items, clothes, or even teacher supplies….you name it! Target has it all so it’s a great GC option to give.

2 // Homesick Candle

If your teacher is from another state or city, get them a candle that reminds them of home. This could be extra special if you know the teacher can’t go “home for the holidays” – so cute!

3 // Portable Charger

Who doesn’t need another portable charger to keep in your bag or your car? Or in the classroom? This one is slim and pretty! Perfect gift for any teacher who wants to stay charged up all day.

4 // Meal Planner

This little book is super handy to plan your weekly meals and shopping lists. Teachers tend to be planners…so this is a cute little book that could help anyone stay on top of the dreaded task of planning meals all week long.

5 // Hair Towel 

Getting something you normally wouldn’t purchase for yourself because it’s a splurge item always makes a great gift. This hair towel is a time saver – which is great for any teacher on those rushed mornings to get to school on time. And everyone has to wash their hair – so it’s something that will likely get used.

6 // Stasher Bags

This is a gift that is so versatile! Stasher bags can be used for SO MANY THINGS! Snacks, food storage, cosmetics in your purse, fill with first aid items to keep as a portable first aid bag, bring to the pool for phone/wallet or use it anytime you need to organize little things – which seems to be all the time! These are so great!

7 // Rothy’s Gift Card

Did you know teachers get 20% off Rothy’s? That’s right! They are so popular with teachers and basically made for them because they’ve put comfort above all else. And for teachers who spend the majority of their day on their feet – a gift card towards a pair of their own might be just what is on their list! They are a splurge item – but I’ve heard over and over again that these are super popular among teachers and worth it!

8 // Gift Cards

Whether it’s to their favorite restaurant (ask your child to ask their teacher one day to get the inside scoop on where they like to eat), or if you know they enjoy the movies (who doesn’t love Alamo Drafthouse?), or just go with an amazon or visa GC. Either way – a GC is always a good idea to include with a heart felt message inside a card.

9 // Hydro Flask 

Whether it’s one for wine, water, coffee, tea or whatever! A Hydro Flask might be another splurge item that a teacher might fall in love with and they’ll actually use it! I love all my Hydro Flask purchases – and everyone I know who owns one loves it. So this could be a great gift for the teacher in your life! Depending on what you know they love to drink, there are so many options!

10 // Thank you cards

Teachers always seem to need little cards/thank you cards – so why not take that item off their shopping list and get them some really cute cards! I love this set!

11 // A fun note from your child

There are lots of fun and free printables online of fun little questionnaire’s you can go through or give your child to fill out (depending on their age) and include it with a card to thank your teacher for all they do. This is free and tugs at those heart strings!

12 // Coffee Subscription

If you know the teacher likes coffee – a coffee subscription could be a unique and fun gift! You can completely customize the subscription with beans or ground coffee, for 1 coffee drinker or 2, and choose how long you want to gift them this subscription. I think it would stand out in the crowd as a great gift! And even better, you can gift via an e-gift card so if you’re last minute – you can still take advantage!

Gifts not to give teachers!

Mugs! The last thing they need is another mug! All the cute mugs out there might seem like a great idea – but it’s too often a go-to gift parents get for teachers. And over the years, teachers probably have too many of them sitting in their cupboard – not to mention storing mugs can be a nuisance. We all know we grab for the same couple mugs daily anyways, right? So as cute as that initial mug might be…refrain and just put more towards the Starbucks GC you were going to put inside it anyways.

Lotions, soaps & creams – another typical gift that teachers could probably go without. They get too much of it and it might go in the re-gifting basket as soon as they get home.

Homemade treats – this sounds bad, but most teachers are even trained to not eat anything a student or family gives you! So while it’s super thoughtful and takes precious time to make a homemade treat, it’s likely not going to get eaten and possibly just wind up in the trash. So maybe spend that time & effort buying a GC instead!

It’s also important to check with your child’s school about their gift giving policy, some schools don’t allow it – so check that first before investing in a super thoughtful present.

Hope this one was helpful! Happy gift giving!

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