Leopard Print Cardi Styled 3 Ways

I wanted to kick off 2020 with a meaningful blog post that would empower all the women who follow my blog, give you some motivation to invest in yourself & inspire you to go after your dreams in the new year. And now it’s late January and this is my first post… about how to style my favorite purchase I made this winter – my leopard print cardi. I was beating myself up about this, but we have ALL YEAR LONG for inspiring posts! I realized that sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to create the perfect content with perfect timing that will hit home for all of you and be just what you needed to hear in the moment you needed to hear it. And then I’m paralyzed and don’t post anything because it’s not what I originally intended.

So while this post is mostly about styling a cardigan, I figured you might be able to relate to the desire to have everything be perfect before we do something (or anything!) And if we wait for that – it will never happen. It’s better to just do, just act, dive in, jump out of your comfort zone and start whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about but not doing because you want to be perfect (or have it all figured out) before you start. And welp – that’s just not going to happen. So just learn as you go, evolve, make mistakes – because all of that is better than not going after something that’s on your heart. So if you needed to hear this today, this post was for you! 🙂

On to a few fun ways to style a leopard print cardi – dressed up or down! Love this sweater!





Amazon T-Shirt // Black Distressed Jeans // Nude Heels // Chloe Dupe Amazon Purse

Necklace is from Box of Style 



Adidas T-shirt // Alo Leggings // Adidas Sneaks 

Bag is from Box of Style




Cami // Denim // Heels // Gucci Dupe Purse

Belt is from Box of Style



Hope this post was fun and gave you some style inspo on styling pieces you might already have in your closet! Happy 2020!

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