5 Tips to create a good morning routine

No one can tell you exactly how to create your ideal morning routine, but I’m hoping this post will motivate you to work on finding exactly what makes you set yourself up for success for the day – and having a perfected morning routine can really be something that turns a good day into a great day! So let’s get into it!

1 // Figure out what energizes you

Is it relaxing in bed with a coffee watching the Today Show for 10 minutes? Or doing some stretching? Or working out? Whatever naturally energizes you – you should try to fit a little bit of THAT into your morning routine.

2 // Wake up your body

Obviously coffee or tea can be a go-to…and while that’s great, it can also be really beneficial to figure out a simple way to move and wake up your body in another way too. A little stretching, just sitting up straight in a meditation pose with some deep breaths or a full on workout. It doesn’t have to be complicated or take long if you don’t want it to. But pick something that wakes up your body and do it in the morning…don’t just rely on caffeine. It is proven that moving your body, even a little bit, first thing in the morning can be a mood boost and can even help with anxiety or depression. Even if it’s a mini dance party for 5 minutes while you get ready, move that body of yours!


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3 // Positive thoughts

Pick 3 things to tell yourself in the morning – things you appreciate about yourself, things you love about yourself, things you’re grateful for or ways you are going to excel that day. Whatever pep talk you decide on – keep it positive and keep it simple. Maybe even repeat it a few times. Doesn’t have to take long or be super deep. But start doing some positive self talk EVERY morning!

4 // Pick one thing that’s within your comfort zone

Whether that’s listening to your favorite song or taking your dog for a walk – anything that gives you comfort because it’s something you’ve done forever. Add that to your morning routine. The familiarity is comforting and makes us feel safe and like ourselves…so it’s a good thing!

5 // Pick one thing that’s outside your comfort zone

This is where you push yourself past any invisible boundaries you have put on yourself. When we get out of our comfort zone, that’s where we learn, we grow and we let go of limited beliefs. So pick something NEW to incorporate into your morning routine that is out of your comfort zone. Could be as simple as learning how to meditate, or starting a journal if you haven’t done so before or buy an adult coloring book and zone out to color for a few minutes. Just pick something you don’t normally do or a new skill you want to develop and spend a few minutes doing that. I bet you’ll feel more creative for the rest of the day if you just spend even 5 or 10 minutes doing something out of your comfort zone.

You might have some homework after reading this post, but I promise if you spend some time to develop your own personal morning routine – it will set you up to make your good days great days! And for the record, I am NOT a morning person!

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This is my default outfit on A LOT of school mornings! All the moms at Avalon’s school have probably seen me in this countless times. But I love it!  This t-shirt is fun, yet stretchy and comfy. paired with leggings and a cardigan to stay warm and I’m set. Having a uniform for myself on the days we need to get out the door is another way my morning becomes a little bit easier.

T-Shirt// Leggings // Sunnies // Similar Cardigan




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