Why a daily walk outside will make you healthier

Are you still working on your New Years Goals? Was one of them to be healthier? Well, I got a simple way you can improve your health in a really well-rounded way. A walk outside has SO many benefits!

Number 1 // Spark Creativity

Whether you’re stuck on a project, hit writers block, or hit a wall no matter what you do for a living – taking a walk outside stimulates your creativity. A study done at Stanford found that walking can increase your creative output by 60%! It helps those ideas stuck in the back of your brain to be more free flowing – so if you’re not sure what to do about something…go on a walk outside!


Number 2 // Look Younger

When you get moving – it stimulates collagen production in your skin. So get moving outside, just wear that sunscreen (another must for anti-aging).


Number 3 // Improve Your Memory

Walking outside releases a protein called BDNF, which is dubbed “miracle gro” for the brain. It stimulates new brain cell growth which is great for memory. So get outside and give your brain a dose of some healthy new brain cells.


Number 4 // Combat Anxiety

Psychologists found that a 10 minute walk outside in nature is just as good as a 45 minute workout when it comes to relieving anxiety symptoms. Isn’t that amazing? So if you deal with any level of anxiety (what mom doesn’t?), then head outside to give yourself some relief.


I read that walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise…and turns out, we should actually not dismiss it because it’s a very beneficial form of fitness. So basically, when in doubt, when you’re down, when you’re tired or when you’re bored – just go on a walk!

We are so lucky that one of the entrances to our trail system is directly across the street from our house. So no excuses for me!

Are you going to add walking to your fitness routine now?

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