5 Skincare Things You Never Had the Time for…until now

For those of you that have found yourself at home with more time to invest in some skincare tasks…this post is for you. These may have been things you always had in the back of your mind — like…I should try that! But then the morning hustle and bustle kept you from working it into your routine. So here is your reminder to maybe try something new! Because why not!


The health benefits of dry brushing are AMAZING! Its natures way of exfoliating dry skin, helps with preventing in-grown hairs, it stimulates your lymphatic system, it helps the body eliminate toxins, it is energizing, it can improve skin tone, it can aid in digestion and increase circulation. If you’ve ever done this before a shower, it really is super energizing! It feels so good and it’s so simple.


I recommend a dry brush with a natural boar bristles and start from the bottom of your body and work your way up in long, upward motion strokes with a medium pressure. Start at the tops of your feet and keep going up and around each leg. Some people do circular motions on their stomach, while others do longer strokes – just find what you like best. It’s great to do each pass more than once. Once you get to your neck and décolletage, you’ll want to be more gentle since the skin is thinner there. And since you’re above your heart here – you’ll want to switch to downward motions towards your heart – and then finish with a circular motion around your heart and you’re done. Find a routine that works for you and you might just get addicted to how stimulating it is and how soft your skin will be after doing this consistently for a month!

I think it’s best to do this before a shower, that way you can rinse away all the dead skin cells you just sloughed off – and then finish with a super hydrating lotion after your shower. Your skin will feel amazing!


Did you that cold therapy is VERY beneficial for anxiety? I recently learned this and I’m up for it. I’ve been ending my shower with a cold rush – and it really is exhilarating. It helps relieve stress, it can even calm itchy skin! I know you might dread a cold shower – but try it!

A cold shower also improves your lymphatic and immune systems, it can improve your circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, creates a sense of well being, and could even improve your sleep. So with all these benefits, why aren’t we ALL DOING THIS? It’s hard! That’s why! So you could say it also improves your mental toughness then. haha

Just 2 – 3 minutes is all you need! So take a cold shower and tell me how it went! 🙂 I always just do the 2- 3 minutes after a normal shower.


If you’re working from home, or just home because we all are. Now’s your chance to put a hair mask in and instead of rinsing it out in 10 – 15 minutes, leave it on ALL day long! I love doing that! I’m sure even if you have to be on a few video calls, no one will wonder why your hair is up in a bun and looks wet. 😉

And the next thing you probably have more time for is a face mask – pick a super hydrating one and leave it on for longer than the directions say (make sure it’s a safe one to do this with)…but extra hydration is awesome for your skin and now’s the time to take advantage of not having anywhere to rush out the door to.

I linked a couple masks I’m loving right now below.


This is probably another one of those things you always wanted to try but didn’t have the time for. Combine a little sugar or brown sugar and coconut oil…or whatever oil you have in the house – olive oil or avocado oil works too. Just a tiny bit – combine the two ingredients and rub them gently onto your lips with your fingertips. Follow with a super hydrating lip balm and you’re lips will probably look a little plumper and feel oh so soft! I linked my new lip mask I’m loving.


If you’re not one to try out a self tanner – now’s your time! You don’t have anywhere to go so you can practice and not worry if you get it wrong. It’s good to exfoliate your skin first, and then moisturize your elbows, knees and other areas the self tanner might “gather” – and then use a mitt and use circular motions to apply your self tanner. I always start on all areas of my body I can do with my right hand, and then I switch to my left hand in the mitt and do all my areas I can reach with my left. I finish with my hands and I use a brush on my hands to get it blended nicely.

I did a post with all my fave self tanners – click HERE to read that one.

I hope you take some time to invest in yourself. Even though we can’t go get our hair done, our nails done or our eye brows done (or eye lashes)….that doesn’t mean we can’t still spend some time investing in how we feel & look. Because when we look good, we feel good. Right?

Stay safe everyone!



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