Organizing Jewelry

I’ve been seeing so many people taking the time to organize their homes – which is a passion of mine! I LOVE an organized home…even though I feel like it’s a losing battle a lot of the time being a mom to two toddlers. But man – it sure does give me life to get things organized – I am absolutely obsessed with the feeling you get after you organize something! Who is with me?

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to organize my jewelry incase some of you want to tackle this task during your down-time… using “down-time” very loosely because if you’re a mom – there really isn’t down time during this quarantine.

I’ve still been putting on jewelry even if I’m wearing joggers and sweatshirts at home – because it helps me feel a little put together and just makes me happy. Jewelry – for me – always sparks some kind of happy emotion. Like if I choose to wear my A initial necklace – it reminds me how happy and thankful I was when I was finally able to buy a piece of jewelry with an initial of one of MY babies on it. We struggled to get pregnant – so it takes me back to the feeling of finally being blessed with a baby of our own.

I like to keep my everyday jewelry on display on our dresser so it’s easy to choose which one to wear and easy to throw on. I love this jewelry display because it’s pretty and fits right in as a piece of decor, yet it’s super functional for necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings!

I also love this little dish beside it to store my tiny little earrings, and it adds a little bit of decor to the set-up too.

For the rest of my jewelry – I keep it in our closet on this. And I LOVE how organized and visible everything is. I’ll often just take this out and lay it on my bed when I’m planning my outfits – especially when packing for trips… what is that like again?

I also bought this wall necklace rack for extra necklaces that I don’t necessarily grab for very often and it’s hanging in my closet.

Last, this jewelry box is on my Mother’s Day wish list – I’ve been eyeing it for a long time and would love to add it to my closet area where I organize my watches and more pieces that have sentimental value, but I don’t necessarily grab for as often these days. I feel like these boxes are so versatile and you can build them for your specific needs – which is awesome. They are so pretty – perfect for sitting out on a dresser too!

So tell me – are you going to organize your jewelry now? 😉



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