Microblading…..Is it worth it?

Figure out if microblading is for you in this post.


What exactly is this cosmetic treatment?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure in which an EXPERT, TRAINED & LICENSED esthetician will basically scratch ink into your skin with a tiny blade using short strokes to resemble hair to create the look of fuller eyebrows.

The procedure is not permanent because the ink is only inserted into your skin at a very surface level – not deep into the skin like a typical tattoo. However, it should be noted, that everyone’s skin reacts differently and the ink could last varying lengths of time on your own skin. So while some may notice the ink fading 6 months post-procedure, it could very well last much longer…which brings me to my next piece of advice.

This is a pic of the blade and the ink pigment used on me (Tina Davies medium brown) along with the Tina Davies after care ointment, which I loved, and the little reminder card of how to care for my skin post-procedure. I kept that by my bathroom sink and referred to it often.

Tina Davies ink is vegan and cruelty free and I was happy to learn it does not contain any heavy metals, no PPD (which means it won’t oxidize), they don’t fade to different tones, they only fade to lighter versions of the actual color. And they are made in the USA. So I felt really good about this line being used on me.


Research, research, research! Ask around for recommendations. And I beg of you – do not try to find the least expensive tech to do this on you. You pay for what you get – so if you’re truly interested in getting this done. Price should NOT be your main decision for who you select.

Do a consultation, ask questions, ask for referrals, ask to see their credentials, ask ALL THE THINGS! Make sure you are going to be in good hands, because the damage if you don’t do your homework could be horrible brows on your face forever! I’ve read some nightmare stories of people getting real tattooed brows instead of microblading – and then that is on your face until you go through tattoo removal, which I’ve heard is very painful. So all this to say – spend some time selecting your brow artist.

I asked about the ingredients of the ink, how it would fade, her sanitizing method…everything! I’m so lucky she was patient with all my questions.

I had a wonderful experience with Megan at Beauty Lounge (in Lone Tree, CO) and would highly recommend her. She has been doing this for years and has a real talent! Keep reading for a special discount code for $100 off microblading if you book with Megan! 😉

Here is a pic of me immediately after getting microbladed for the first appointment. Love them! Keep scrolling for a side by side of the before/after.


It may seem backwards to talk about the recovery before the actual procedure – but I feel like it’s a super important to know what to expect before you commit to this type of procedure….because it is a COMMITMENT!

The healing process takes about 4 – 6 weeks! And during that time, there are lots of rules.

Absolutely no water, lotions, makeup, sweating or face wash for 7 days. You heard me right – so for about a week no workouts, no hot showers, no washing your face per usual, no makeup near your brows (which means your eye lids/forehead/etc), no serums or regular face creams. Just a gentle cleanser on them 2x a day with lukewarm water (NOT HOT) along with the ointment that your tech will give you for healing that will also help fight off infection.

TIP: I made sure my hair was washed the morning of microblading day so I wouldn’t have to wash it for a full week after my appointment.

And then for the rest of the healing time:

No sun exposure, any prolonged exposure will make the brows fade prematurely

No swimming (no saltwater)

No excessive sweating

No hot sauna, hot showers, baths or anything that would make you sweat too much

No picking/itching

No sleeping on your face or eyebrows

No facials, botox, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing (I also believe that you need to wait at least 2 weeks after you’ve had any of these things done BEFORE your microblading appointment as well. Some even say to make sure your botox is worn off before you get microbladed…so talk to your injector before you commit to microblading to have them weigh-in.)

It’s also really interesting how the skin heals from this microblading procedure. My brow artist shared this graphic below with me beforehand so I knew what to expect…and it was spot on. So trusting the process is key! It’s crazy that they seem to disappear – then reappear. All part of the healing process.

Here are my recovery pictures


You can see how my brows got blotchy and started flaking off. But the pigment was still there.


I began the “my brows are disappearing” phase here.


They were basically gone! It’s so crazy how the healing process works, they came “back” ever so slightly if you look really closely at the pic below on the left. So at this point, I was extremely anxious and relying on the touch-up appointment to really make them pop again. I didn’t take anymore weekly pictures after this because there was no change for the next couple weeks before my touch-up was scheduled.


I had a separate consultation appointment before my actual microblading appointment. Which some techs do and some don’t. So my advice is that if you feel like this would give you a lot of comfort – do it. I felt really comfortable showing up to my microblading appointment knowing we had already mapped everything out, talked about color options and went over all the details so once I went in for the actual procedure – I knew exactly what to expect.

My tech mapped everything out, measured everything, then we made adjustments based on the look I wanted. I loved how detail oriented she was! This made me feel so good and a lot less nervous during that initial appointment. My consultation was about 30 to 40 minutes.

When you show up to your appointment, your artist will put numbing cream on your brow area and you’ll just relax while sign all your paperwork agreeing to procedure and what the after-care entails/etc. Once you’re numb, they will go to work!

Megan – my wonderful brow artist – mapped me out again just like the first time and then the blading starts. I’m not going to lie – it doesn’t hurt…but it also doesn’t feel good. And some areas were worse than others. And my right brow felt more – and on my left side I practically felt nothing. So it always varies how you’ll react to the numbing cream.

The actual procedure took about 40 – 45 minutes, but the appointment is a 2 hour block to account for numbing, mapping and everything in between.

After the initial appointment, you’ll also schedule your “touch-up” appointment about 6 weeks out. Your skin will heal and they will do the finishing touches – and that appointment is when you can adjust things like color, shape to a certain extent, and fine tune your final look.


I started to get itchy on day 4, got a bit patchy on day 6 and 7 and then as promised, my brows seemed to vanish right around day 10. And then they did start to faintly show back up…I was just counting down for that touch-up appointment because I knew that’s when the magic happens.

When you go for your 6 week touch-up – it’s basically the initial appointment all over again. Numbing, mapping and blading again.

At my 6 week touch-up, I wanted to go a little darker in color and wanted my tails to be a bit bolder. And Megan agreed – a good tech will always go more conservative on your initial appointment to ensure you’re happy first…it’s a lot easier to add more color/strokes/etc – but not so easy to go lighter in color or take away strokes (obviously). So I really felt like I was in very good hands from start to finish.

She bladed me and I have to say – after my touch-up – I was IN LOVE!


I’m so curious how long this will last on me. If you have oiler skin, or use certain medications, or have too much sun exposure, or use strong exfoliants – these are all things that could make the brows fade faster. So it’s important to properly care for the skin around your brows even after you heal. If you make an appointment with Megan at Beauty Lounge, tell her LASHES TO LULLABIES sent you and receive $100 off your microblading with her! What a deal!

I am SO happy with my procedure! I had almost no brows before and it really did bother me every single day. I love waking up having brows, and I do still bold them out for certain occasions, but now it’s easier & faster because my shape is right there for me to trace over.

We lose our brow hair as we age – so fuller brows can definitely give a more youthful appearance.

So if you’re scarce on brows, or even just want to add some fullness and shape, I highly recommend this! What other questions do you have? Have you had this procedure done before and have anything to add? Would love to hear in the comments.




I wrote this post back when I originally had the procedure done back in January…and now it is mid-September and I am still IN LOVE with my brows. They have held up so well and I am always thankful I still have brows even when I don’t have makeup on. I do still fill them in a little bit extra when I do a full face of makeup (which is rare these days), but I have a template to follow so it goes a lot faster than usual – which is another bonus! I will for sure continue getting touch-ups on my brows as needed to keep my microblading up. I love them and would 200% do it again!

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    You look gorgeous! I didn’t do microblading, as recommened by my artist, but i did brow shading permanent makeup! Im like you! I love waking up with brows!

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