How to do a 5 min face

Hello February! I thought I would take the time to dedicate this month’s beauty tip to how to cut time off your morning makeup routine without sacrificing that pulled together feeling.

1. Organize your makeup

It’s amazing how organizing your makeup can actually help your makeup routine by leaps and bounds. Why waste time looking for products that you reach for every day? Are all your products spewed about all over the place – some in your purse, your car & your gym bag? It’s key to make sure to have a set of your daily products right there in your vanity at all times and they don’t leave your bathroom. That way you’re not looking for that blush brush in your gym bag while you’re trying to rush out the door in the morning. And then for products that you know you need for touch-ups or just like to have for on-the-go – buy travel sizes (sephora has an amazing selection of travel size stuff!!!) and have a dedicated makeup bag that you take with you so you’re not sharing products between your bathroom and all the other places in your life. I’ve linked some to-go makeup bags to keep in your purse (or diaper bag, gym back, work bag, etc) that I’m majorly crushing on right now. And scroll right to see the cutest vintage little caboodle!!  🙂

One of my fave ways to organize my everyday makeup is with this little acrylic drawer set that I got a couple years ago (a few options linked below). It’s important to keep all “like” products together – just like when you’re organizing anything in life, right? So all my face products are together, all my eye products and so on. I start at the bottom drawer and work my way up during my makeup application. I have two of the 2-drawer stackable options…so 4 drawers total for my everyday stuff.

2. Select the 3 areas of your face that are MUSTS for you

Think about what parts of your makeup routine are the most important to you and get really quick and good at doing those 3 things. For me, I really need my eyebrows on, I need something to help with my skin tone (whether it’s foundation or a tinted moisturizer) and then I need bronzer or blush….so those are the 3 things that are my bare necessities when I’m in a big rush to get out the door. (And then I might at least curl my lashes but skip mascara or do that last step while I’m in the car….NOT driving haha). You might have a really nice skin tone so you could get away with just some concealer instead….or you have great brows, but must have mascara on…. just figure out what that looks like for you and then practice and perfect doing those 3 things on yourself. Here are my top 3!

3. Time yourself

This sounds silly, but if you have your makeup routine down to a science, you will know what you can eliminate in a hurry to ensure you’re getting your 5 min face done and focusing on what matters most to you. So if you know, I can apply and blend my foundation in 2 minutes, curl and apply mascara to my lashes in 2 minutes and then dust some blush on my cheeks in 1 minute – there you have it! Done & done!

4. Invest in products that are dual purpose

If you find yourself in a hurry a lot (which is most people these days, right?) Then you might want to invest in some makeup products that are dual purpose. For instance, a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen so you can just apply one product instead of two. Or a product you can use on your lips & your cheeks. Depending on what you selected as your top 3 “must have” areas of your face – you can search for products that help you combine steps that will save time! Or if you have a 4th of 5th thing of your face that you had a hard time eliminating from your top 3 – then find a product that will suffice for both. For example, if you have to have your brows on, but really really prefer to have your eyeliner done too – then get a product that can be used for both!  Here are some of my fave multi-purpose products. The Giorgio Armani Maestro product has 5 uses….for the eye brow, eye liner, eye shadow, contour and even root touch up!!! What??!! It may be a splurge but hey – it’s a killer multi-purpose item to have in your collection! The Smashbox lip & cheek color is super easy and fun too!

5. Appreciate your natural beauty

Okay…I’m going to get a little cheesy on you but stick with me. 🙂 Maybe this is the year you start to appreciate some of your natural beauty – and just own it on days when you just don’t have time to get all put-together! I need to take my own advice here too….but every woman is gorgeous in her own right and we should learn to love ourselves…. without our eyebrows on! haha But for real ladies — try to feel comfortable in your own skin and appreciate what makes you YOU.



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