Lash Care 101

Every month, this section of my blog will feature simple & easy beauty tips that anyone can work into their daily routine. This month’s focus is lash care 101.

Lash Care 101

Those batty, little hairs that happen to grow out of your eyelids somehow have a way of really accentuating those beautiful eyes of yours so I’ve dedicated this month’s beauty tip to lashes and how best to care for them, grow them and maximize what you already have! So while you can go out and get lash extensions, that can come with a lot of upkeep, time & money. Not to mention, they damage your real lashes once you decide to stop getting them done on a regular basis. 🙁

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve the lashes you have is to go to Whole Foods or Sprouts, or whatever natural grocery store you favor and pick up a bottle of Castor Oil. This will run you around $6 or $7 and will last a LONG time. You can apply this to your lashes daily, morning AND night, and I promise you will see a difference in your lashes in a good solid month of using it consistently. The best way to apply castor oil to your lashes is to use a disposable mascara wand, dip it in the oil and apply like you do mascara and then also along your lash line. And even though you can put this on in the morning, you would just want to be sure to give yourself a good amount of time for it to absorb into your lashes before applying makeup, or your mascara will not adhere to your lashes like usual. There is a great little package deal on Amazon that sells the oil and the application tools all in one for $11.95 – linked HERE.


The next eyelash tip is all about makeup removal. It’s important to be extra gentle on the lashes you do have, so harshly scrubbing your eyes is not ideal. Not to mention, all that tugging and pulling can cause premature sagging and wrinkles around your eyes as well. It’s important to get a gentle eye makeup remover and gently remove your makeup every night before bed. I often use coconut oil on my fingertips and just lightly massage my eye area until it’s removed and then follow up with my facial wash routine.

If you want to splurge on a makeup remover that also boasts to be lash enhancing, go for the Kate Somerville True Lash Eye Makeup Remover for $36 at Sephora.


The last lash tip I have for you is to invest in a lash serum if you want to truly see some major lash growth. There are some really amazing options out there, other than needing a prescription for Latisse, that really do work! And I say “invest” because most of these lash serums run around $100 – $150 each! But it’s well worth the price if your lashes are damaged from getting lash extensions, or if you just really want to have lashes that people oodle over!

I haven’t used Rodan & Fields Lash Boost myself, but I’ve seen some VERY amazing results on close friends with this stuff. You do need to find a R&F rep to purchase this product, and there may be other jumps & hoops to go through to actually purchase this (like becoming a preferred customer with R&F, feeling pressure to also purchase their skincare, or bundle the lash boost with other products you might not need to get a better price on the lash boost, and having to possibly commit to monthly orders). I’m just mentioning these things because it’s what has prevented me from buying the R&F Lash Boost thus far.

NeuLash at Nordstrom gave me some really amazing results after 30 days of use, and I think it’s a very similar product to the R&F Lash Boost. It sells for $95 – $150 depending on the size you choose. I had the larger size and it lasted me about 2 months. I would have purchased this one again, but I found another lash serum I wanted to try that was a more natural option, which is actually also available at Nordstrom or Safe & Chic (one of my new fave beauty product sites) by Plume Cosmetics. And I’ve continued to see a major difference in my eye lash length using this one too!  I also love that it’s a more natural and safe option.


I would love to hear from you once you start using some of the tips above, or if you have a another favorite lash serum that you recommend! And cheers to growing longer, stronger lashes!