Foot Care 101

Can you believe it’s March already? The month of Spring! March 20 will mark the first day of Spring this year…so it’s about time to get those tootsies sandal ready! Whether it’s a Spring Break vacay or just warmer temps – either way, you’ll likely be getting closer to exposing those feet from their long winter hideaway soon. Let’s make sure they are ready for it!

We get one set of feet so I think it’s really, actually very important to take care of them! You don’t want to go through years of neglect and wind up with calluses that seem too far gone or cracked heels that are virtually unrepairable! A few simple steps daily & weekly is all you need to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

1. Buy a foot file and USE IT EVERY TIME YOU SHOWER

This is not a false alarm people – buy one stat and make it something you do EVERY SINGLE time you shower. I keep mine hanging right next to my shower pouf and use it all the time! Exfoliating your heels and the ball of your foot is a great place to start to ensure you’re keeping dry, cracked skin at bay. Even just scrubbing your feet with the foot file and just water will do the trick. And every so often, I also use my regular body exfoliator on my feet for a little extra umph. I’m telling you, you won’t regret adding this to your shower routine – your feet will thank me! 🙂

2. Do an at-home foot mask

Do yourself a favor and while you binge watch Netflix, apply a good foot mask and let it do all the work while you relax. One of my faves is combining coconut oil and some honey, mix it all together and then slather it on your feet, put saran-wrap on, then a pair of socks and let it soak in. Message me after you’re done to tell me how soft your feet are!!! You’ll love it.

If DIY isn’t for you (I totally understand), then I’ve linked a few foot masks that you’re sure to love as well.

3. Do an at-home foot soak

Okay, so I used to travel the world and one of my fave pedicure’s was at the W Hotel Spa in Barcelona. They soaked my feet in milk and honey – and boy did my feet never feel as good as they did after this treatment. And what’s great is you can easily do this at home. Just get a big bowl or tub and a 1/2 gallon of whole milk and pour in some honey and soak for 15-20 minutes or so. Once you remove your feet, just dab dry with a towel (don’t rub) and then apply your favorite foot cream afterwards and some cozy socks and you’ll enjoy the effects. 🙂

I LOVE a good pair of cozy socks for after a foot soak, and these are a few that also moisturize your feet – you heard me right, these socks help heal dry feet!

4. Try a foot peel

It’s all the rage right now! I haven’t done a foot peel myself, but I just bought the Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel to try it out. And I’ve linked a few others for you too. I’m so excited to see the results and see how it does, I’ve heard amazing things.

5. Buy a foot cream you look forward to applying because it’s so luxurious

Let’s be real, our feet are often the last things we think to take care of, so while our body might get lotion daily, we may end up not moisturizing our feet – which really need it! So why not pick out an amazing foot cream that you actually look forward to putting on? A cream is better than a lotion (it’s thicker), and I recommend putting this on at night so that it soaks in while you sleep and you don’t have to worry about that slimy, slippery feeling before shoes on.  This L’Occitane one is a multi-use product, which makes me love it even more. It’s a great one to keep on your nightstand and put on before bed.

A few other tips for when you DO go get a pedicure and let someone else treat those feet!

  • NEVER, ever, ever let them use a callus shaver (the tool that looks like a cheese grader) on you! EVER! These are actually illegal to use in most states. (And illegal here in Colorado) so if you see a salon using these – RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! If they are using these illegally, they are likely also disobeying a lot of other sanitary rules for their industry. Not to mention, these tools can often have an immediate smoothing effect making your callus’ disappear, BUT they actually build up your skin to be tougher and produce MORE callus’ long term. So it’s best to use a pumice stone or foot file.
  • Look for the tools to be sanitized (and just because they are getting them out of what appears to maybe be a sealed bag, it may not be). Where are they grabbing the tools from? Do they look freshly sanitized? Pay attention to other tech’s and where they put the tools after they finish a service (is it right back into that “sealed” bag that you thought was freshly opened for you?) and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t get your nails done there. And know that certain products should be single-use for each client – like nail files, buffers and foot files too!
  • Don’t shave your legs immediately before a pedicure – it puts you at greater risk for infection. It’s good to wait 2 days after shaving to get a pedicure.
  • When a salon uses pipeless pedicure bowls (like a bowl or basin), it also reduces the risk for infection because bacteria can grow in the pipes which lead right into the pedicure chair bowl….so if a salon has made the choice to use a pipeless bowl or basin, they are likely more concerned with the clients well-being. Or look for basin liners to be used if they do have traditional pedicure chair/bowl.
  • If the tech is wearing gloves, do they change into a new pair for each client? They need to!

You’re likely going to pay more for a pedicure that follows all the required guidelines, but it’s WORTH IT! Maybe you haven’t gotten an infection before from a nail salon that is sub-par, but consider yourself lucky and change your ways before you do! I’ve seen some pretty nasty fungus, warts and other bacterial infections on family and friends that they got from a nail salon. All it takes is one visit to the wrong place at the wrong time. 🙁

So I bet all these at-home foot treatments sound pretty dang good about now after reading that. haha I used to go get my mani/pedi at Base Coat Nail Salon on the regular before my sweet Avalon arrived, and now I rely more on myself and at-home stuff… a pedicure is a nice treat every now and again. But I ALWAYS make sure I go to a place that I’m comfortable with and I know follows the “rules”!

If you’re in Denver and want an all-natural, non-toxic place to get your nails done – check out Base Coat – it’s literally the BEST!!!!  I miss going so often.